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Banner Advertising On


1 month – $75

3 months – $175

6 months – 300

12 months – $500

How Does It Work?

We currently have space for ten (10) active advertisers to show banner ads on  Your ads will show on an approximate 1 in 5 (20%) ratio.  This means that with each page impression within the, a random circulation will take place which will shuffle all of our advertisers’ ads and randomly show them in the two banner ad slots at the top of each page.  Each time a page is reloaded or a new page is visited, a new impression will take place.

If we have less than ten paid banner ads at any given time, your ads may appear at a greater than 20% ratio.  Once we’ve reached our maximum number of available ad spots, the registration form below will be replaced with a waiting list form.  When an advertiser fails to renew prior to their ad’s expiration date, persons on the waiting list will be contacted via email and given 24 hours to respond and purchase their ad spot.


When creating your banner ad, please heed the following information

  • 6:1 width to height ratio
  • at least 450 x 75
  • upload in the order form in using preferred .png format (other accepted formats include .jpg, .tiff, .ai, .eps
  • 72dpi preferred
  • you are responsible for the content of your artwork
  • our web design contract artists can lay out your banner using your info and logo for a one time $100


Sponsoring An Email To Show Patrons


Shared Sponsorship (Your ad or coupon included with up to 2 other ads or coupons)
1 email – $55          2 emails – $100

Exclusive Sponsorship (Be the exclusive advertiser on an email and grab full attention)
1 email – $150          2 emails – $260

How Does It Work?

Take advantage of the work that Dave is already doing.  Dave has built a list of thousands of contacts who attend his show through his online ticket sales process and the investment in drawings at his shows.  You can take advantage of this valuable list by sponsoring an email to these contacts.

Show Off your products, link to your website or offer a coupon good at the show to encourage show visitors to stop by your booth.  These are all great uses for this email advertising opportunity.

Once you’ve filled out the form below and paid for your email sponsorship, a representative from SuperDave’s Gun Shows will contact you to find out what type of advertisement you’d like to use your sponsorship for and when you’d like your sponsored email to go out.  We’ll discuss the type of offer or advertisement you’d like included in the weekly email and put something together for you to proof.

Email sponsorships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


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